The Seven Basic Principles of Rastafari

The Seven Basic Principles of Rastafari    





Rastafari have seven basic principles that should be known and understood by all who claim to live it.


One: the belief in H.I.M. Haile Selassie I as being the one whom the book of Revelations Chapter 5 spoke of; the Conquering Lion of Judah and the Root of David.

Two: that Marcus Mosiah Garvey was the prophet who led us to H.I.M. and should therefore be given the place of the prophet in the Rasta hierarchy.

Three: that we fight against black and white oppression.

Four: that Ethiopia is a Holy Land.

Five: is Repatriation; Africa for Africans at home and abroad.

Six: the Ital living, or natural way of doing things.

Seven: the principle of reasoning, or being reasonable.


This is not to imply that Rasta is a limited way of life, because there are many other components that combine together in the formation of this movement. Those combinations, however, have come together over the years and during the struggle for definition of our identity, and have emerged with these seven valid principles. This is an indication of the true and enduring power of our way of life. It is a testament to the fact that our forbearers knew that they were on the right path, for the purpose of establishing a strong foundation for our history, culture and belief.”  


from Seven Principles of Rastafari  


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